Celebrating your birthday as an adult often means hitting a bar with your friends for a few drinks.

Or maybe going out for a meal with family.

Whether you love birthdays or loathe them, you can still have a great time. You may not be able to stop the years, but you can sure enjoy yourself while you celebrate.

Planning a birthday party?

It does not need to be complicated or expensive.

First, set yourself a budget to cover drinks, food and any activity you are planning.

If the activity requires your friends to contribute, you’ll need to show them where their hard-earned cash is going before they start grumbling.

Next, provide plenty of notice, so people can make sure they are free and book babysitters, or parent sitters, where necessary.


Activities to test your brain……and your friends

If you are looking for a party idea that will test your brain, and possibly your relationships, consider booking an Escape Room. You and your friends will be locked in a room for an hour and given a series of clues and puzzles to solve to escape. A great activity if you are up for a challenge.

Help with planning

Contact Invitation To Events for help in organising an Escape Room visit




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