You never know who you will meet over cocktails……

We were sitting back chatting to the other “students” after completing a cocktail masterclass when one of them mentioned her old school.

“Oh” I said, “my friend used to go there.”

“What was her name?” she asked.

“K.S” I replied.

“Oh my God! I was at school with her” she exclaimed, before launching into stories about their school days together. She told us about wanting to win a Deportment Girdle (something I’d never heard of) and how KS always won one.

“Text her and ask her if she remembers S.W” said S.W

A few “drunken texts” later (sorry K.S), she replied that she did remember S.W and the Deportment Girdles……and certain people bunking off…..

It’s a small world and you never know who will meet over cocktails…..

people drinking beverage while sitting near table
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