Leisure time increases with age

It should not come as a surprise that retired people have the most leisure time.
A report by Merrill Lynch shows that leisure time gradually increases from age 45.
And that’s good news, because it’s been shown that quality of life improves with greater leisure. Also experiences transform downtime into time well spent.
The report showed that 66% of retirees prefer trying new things in retirement, but notes that their health impacts their leisure twice as much as their wealth does.
Another, maybe surprising, fact was that 58% of retirees had no idea how to fund their leisure activities in retirement.
Family Trips
Family holidays don’t stop when you retire. The report also found that 36% of people aged 50+ had enjoyed multi-generational trips in the last year.
man and woman sitting on brown wooden bench
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One thought on “Leisure time increases with age

  1. Well, leisure time. How to define it? Retired many years ago, I do not have leisure time! In Finland most interesting tourist attraction are on countryside, not on towns.

    About me

    When retired, I keep up my language skills; learn new languages, photograph, visit new places etc.

    Happy and safe travels.

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