Finding a new hobby

Hobbies are Good for You

A hobby is anything you do for fun in your free time. It’s something you don’t get paid to do. In fact, it often costs you money to take part.

So why do it?

Because it’s fun to do, it helps you destress, can offer a creative outlet and often connects you with other people.

So how do you decide which hobby to start?

You may not need a completely new hobby. Start by having a look at hobbies you used to enjoy but that have fallen by the wayside. Maybe you have bags of wool you were going to turn into a hat/scarf/jumper or a needlework kit you haven’t started yet.

Do you have a painting you still need to finish?

Are you still promising yourself you’ll learn to play a musical instrument? Time to pick up that guitar or set up that drum kit.

close up photo of drum set
Photo by Josh Sorenson on

Start small

When you start a new hobby, start small. You don’t need to buy everything right from the start, just in case you find the new hobby isn’t right for you.

Love travelling? How about taking up photography and recording your trips.
Taken loads of photos? Try your hand at scrapbooking.

Explore different options to see what you like. But remember you don’t have to stick with something you don’t love doing. A hobby should make you feel good. It shouldn’t make you feel bad that you aren’t achieving as much as you’d like.

For example, don’t start by buying a top of the range camera or snapping up half the scrapbooking store until you’ve dipped your toe in the water. Start with basic equipment until you decide this is the hobby for you. Otherwise you’ll just end up with a pile of impulse buys collecting dust.

black nikon dslr camera with bag
Photo by Gabriele Ri on

Get so engrossed you forget your day

Hobbies can help you unwind and forget about your day. They can be so engrossing that time just flies by.

They can also give you a sense of achievement – imagine knitting a garment or baking a cake – but should be fun, not a chore. Learning new language can be a fun hobby, but if it feels more like work to you, it’s not a hobby.

black and white photo of clocks
Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on


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