Experiences Matter

What do you do once you’ve returned home from an adventure? When you tell friends and family what you’ve been up to, what stands out as a highlight?

While you might have visited some nice places, the things that you remember are often the things you weren’t expecting. An unexpected encounter, perhaps, or an event you couldn’t possibly have anticipated. These are the moments you remember most.

So be prepared to experience things you were not expecting. If someone recommends eating somewhere you’ve not heard of, just give it a try. We did in Rome and savoured Fried Artichokes in the Jewish Ghetto.

If you see an interesting sign, take a detour and discover somewhere you didn’t know existed. We detoured to Florence in Arizona (because we liked the name) and discovered the nearby Casa Grande Ruins.

Discovering costumed re-enactors is always a bonus, such as Civil War soldiers on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.

Live Life to the full and who knows where the adventure will take you.

Live Life
Live Life

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