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The law requiring websites to gain explicit consent before storing cookies on users computers was passed in May 2011 but the ICO granted firms a year to comply before prosecuting any cases.The ICO is taking a relaxed approach to analytics. Their guidance is that analytics cookies are fairly unintrusive and that therefore, as long as you inform users about their use, explicit consent is not required.

Although there is a plug in available for use with WordPress, it cannot be used with


The answer to my compliance worry is here:

The following is from the WordPress legal team:

We’re aware of the recent EU privacy directive and the related UK Cookie Law. As of now, the relevant authorities haven’t issued concrete guidance on the actions that are necessary to comply with the law. We’ll be watching as the situation develops and may make changes to our services in the future, if required.

For now – since sites hosted at do make use of cookies, you may like to flag this fact for visitors to your site. One way to do this is to add a text widget to your side bar and include a link to our privacy policy (which contains information on the cookies that we use). You might also inform your visitors that they can refuse all cookies by changing the settings of their browsers.

Our Privacy Policy can be found here:

Instructions for adding a text widget to your site can be found here:

Additional Info taken from WordPress Forum

There’s a lot to sort through about this law, and the first thing that has to be done is clear through some of the misunderstandings about it.

First off, it’s important to understand that this is not one “EU Cookie Law.” The EU issued a set of directives on cookies but left it for each member nation to interpret, define the requirements, and define the penalties. Your ire should be directed towards the Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK government agency which is solely responsible for the permutations of the cookie law in the UK. I know that hatin’ on the EU is a great national hobby, but this isn’t actually the issue for it. Ranting about those big mean men in suits is not going to do a damn thing to help us find a solution.

And it’s why isn’t doing anything to bring blogs into compliance.

There is not one “EU Cookie Law” to comply with. There are *twenty seven of them.* National approaches range from laissez-faire to paranoid. No company, including, should be expected to create twenty-seven different setups and presentations for a single product.

Second, you need to educate yourself on the issues surrounding sites and the law – I write from the perspective of the UK’s interpretation of it – to understand why isn’t just making a slap-on, click-the-box, that’s-you-sorted solution to it. You can do that with my conference presentation here.

Third, as for spreading misinformation about “£500,000” fines, educate yourself on what that number means, who issues those fines, and what they issue them for before you perpetuate scaremongering and become part of the problem rather than the solution. You can do that in my post here.

Finally, educate yourself on the web site accessibility issues which mean that many “compliance solutions” make a site meet the UK’s interpretation of the cookie law but then break existing UK accessibility laws.

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