Ambience at sea

The City Adventurers were recently invited to visit the Ambassador Cruise Line’s new ship Ambience. So we headed to London Tilbury port. This new cruise line is aimed at over 50s British cruisers who love no-fly cruises. Although we’ve never been on a cruise before, a lot of our friends and club members love them. … More Ambience at sea

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is situated in Kensington Gardens, London. Adventurers on our “Treasure Hunts in London” Royal Treasure Hunt seen the outside during the hunt. Now it was time to visit the inside…..However, the City Adventurers planned trip in June, had to be postponed due to transport strikes and rescheduled for September. What is there to … More Kensington Palace

Experiences Matter

What do you do once you’ve returned home from an adventure? When you tell friends and family what you’ve been up to, what stands out as a highlight? While you might have visited some nice places, the things that you remember are often the things you weren’t expecting. An unexpected encounter, perhaps, or an event … More Experiences Matter