Time to switch off

Sometimes its good to switch off from technology, step away from your screen and see the beauty of the world around you. Look around at the scenery. Take time to smell the roses. Enjoy new experiences. Discover new things…… Give yourself a digital detox I know there are people that offer retreats banning the use of laptops and … More Time to switch off

Family Holidays with your Adult Kids

There has been an increase in the number of parents taking their twentysomething children with them when they go on holiday. This is hardly surprising. Given the cost of student loans and booming house prices, some people find it pays to go away with mum and dad….especially when their parents continue to foot the bill. This phenomena has … More Family Holidays with your Adult Kids

Air quality index in Delhi between ‘severe’ and ‘poor’ due to pollution

It came as a shock when we landed in Delhi to find we could taste the pollution in the air. Who knew that the air quality would be so bad? Not us that’s for sure. And within days we were struggling to breathe and suffering chest infections. Not the start to our longed for trip … More Air quality index in Delhi between ‘severe’ and ‘poor’ due to pollution

Go To Goa

If you are looking for some winter sun, how about going to Goa. The best time to visit is from mid-November to mid-February, as it’s hot, but not too hot. Goa is on the western coast of India, bounded by the Arabian Sea on its western coast. Northern Goa is the lively party-central area, while Southern Goa is more relaxed … More Go To Goa