Historic Chingford

Chingford started life as a forest hamlet and is now a London suburb. Download the Discover Chingford treasure hunt from Treasure Hunts In London on your phone and discover the history of the area combined with a trip to the Epping Forest countryside. Originally the whole parish of Chingford lay within the ancient Forest of Essex. … More Historic Chingford

Kenilworth Castle and its Elizabethan Garden

Restarting visits to places of interest. Just before lockdown, City Adventurers were able to visit Kenilworth Castle and its Elizabethan Garden. It’s somewhere to consider visiting now it is open to the public again. Please visit the Kenilworth Castle website to book your timed tickets in advance. Visitor numbers will be limited and there will be … More Kenilworth Castle and its Elizabethan Garden

Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 13

Time for another escape-room-in-a-box game produced by Deckscape. This time the game was Behind The Curtain and was a magic themed adventure. We’ve always enjoyed playing Deckscape games and were looking forward to this. Unfortunately, for our 13th game it proved “13 – unlucky for some”, as this game was not as good as we … More Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 13

Portmerion’s beauty will take you Prisoner

Last summer we visited Portmerion. Portmeirion Designed and built by the architect, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, between 1925 and 1975, Portmeirion is an architectural icon that has often been used as a real-life film set. It is currently a holiday village containing 2 hotels, 13 self-catering cottages and 33 “village rooms”. There are numerous shops, restaurants … More Portmerion’s beauty will take you Prisoner

Fairground Felony

Now it’s summer, the City  Adventurers were excited that Faskin’s Fairground had come to town. Who doesn’t love the thrill of the rides, the sweet sugary smell of candy floss and the sound of the old-time music ringing throughout the park……? However, as we approached the fair, we sensed something was not right. The circus … More Fairground Felony

Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 12

Escape from the Grand Hotel Continuing our “travels” while isolated at home in London, we took a trip to a Grand Hotel. This is the first Professor Puzzle Escape Room in a box game we have tried. This is a 90 minutes escape game. “Escape from the Grand Hotel” arrived in a beautifully designed box … More Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 12

Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Before lockdown we liked going to murder mystery events. Since lockdown a number of companies have moved their shows online. Moonstone Murder Mysteries is one such company. They used to be an entertainment company specialising in dining experiences entertainment, but are currently providing weekly interactive murder mysteries on YouTube. They started series one of their murder … More Moonstone Murder Mysteries