September 2021 – a month of two halves.

Just as the phrase ‘A game of two halves’ refers to circumstances that have changed suddenly, so September 2021 became a month of two halves

If you’ve not heard the phrase before, it was a football commentator’s cliché. Widely used by the 1990’s, it referred to games which have a different character in the two halves. While the source of the phrase isn’t clear it has been cited in a ‘soccer dictionary’ of 1988/89.

First Half

The month started well for the City Adventurers. We returned to the theatre is London’s west End and saw two fantastic shows.

The Prince of Egypt

and Back To The Future

We spent an afternoon at The Tate Modern

And joined a group shopping trip to Jubilee Market.

We joined friends for some fantastic meals out and held a wonderful Cheese and Wine party.

Then we headed to Hampshire for a dinner dance with music from the 1980’s. Fantastic.

Second Half

After having a very busy and safe visit to Edinburgh in August, followed by some great trips to London, Ian and I went down with Covid-19. Or, as the American’s call it “Breakthrough COVID-19”. Yes, we had both been double vaccinated but no vaccine is 100% effective. There was still a small chance we could catch the coronavirus and we did.

So if you are wondering about the lack of blogs for September, I was too busy having fun at the start and too ill at the end.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

At Banksy Exhibition
At Banksy Exhibition

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